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6th - Rome
So here we are in the magnificent city of Rome, staying at one of the most beautiful hotels in the city, gorgeous sunny weather, my beautiful girlfriend by my side and what am I doing?  Sitting in a dark, sticky room doing TV interviews with Jake.  Not that I dont love Jake; he’s a laugh a minute, but really… Rome!  Sun!  Girl friend!  

We’ve got a translator here;  a lovely woman.  A little bit crackers, but a very good laugh.  Jake and I cant help giggling over how much she really gets into the part whenever she translates what we say.  Photo-call next, and Im starting to pick up some of Jake’s posing techniques.  Haven’t quite got the “serious” look down though, yet;  tend to grin like a naughty schoolboy every time someone points a camera at me.  The photo-calls are amusing. Basically you stand with your back to a wall, while a horseshoe of photographers yell in unison, trying to get your attention.  Everyone wants that “eyes in the lens” shot.  The photo-call may not be very dignified, but it does keep me amused, which makes me grin even more… Damn!  Really, Jake.  How do you keep up that serious look through all this silliness?

Quick drive to another part of town to go to a cinema where we have a press conference.  Our translator is a riot; Jake is telling a story about being a kid & how he used to make his toys talk with silly voices.  He reenacts the endearing moment, “oh hello, Mr. Fox, how are you Mr. Bottle?” in a goofy voice.  The translator starts telling the story for the audience in italian, and she’s copying Jake’s goofy voice acting giving the audience the full experience in Italian;  I just cant help myself… next answer, Im throwing one daft voice after another into the mix, just to see if she’ll stick with it, and bless her cotton socks, she does!  Audience seemed to enjoy it too.  That’s the sign of a true professional!

Computer games are good for you.  I know that comes a bit out of the blue, but its true!  I’ll tell you why…  On the drive back from the press conference, I started to feel like I knew where I was!  How, you ask?  Assassin’s Creed 2!  Yes!  The computer game!  I already knew Roman streets!  Bloody brilliant.  

Lots of pasta for lunch at a beautiful little cafe in town, more TV interviews with Jake and me, and then, finally, a short rest.  As soon as head hits pillow, it’s time to get in the car and head off for dinner.  On our drive to the restaurant, we drive up a hill over looking all of Rome.  Our Driver mentions that thist “romantic spot” is a place where, “Women brought there cannot say no.”  I don’t think he meant it to sound like that… sounds a bit “rapey.”  

More pasta at dinner and then we head to the airport for a late night fight to Berlin.  Its about 11pm. 

7th - Berlin
We get to the hotel at about 2am.  Grab some sleep, and then we’re off again at 10.  Two hours of print one-on-ones and then a trip to do the German equivalent of NPR radio.  

The chap Im talking with has to be one of the fastest talkers I’ve ever heard!  If they ever start advertising “micr-machines” again, he’s their man!  (look up “micromachines fast talker,” if that reference makes no sense to you.)

Back to the hotel for lots of roundtables with groups of press.  I find I’ve started engaging in an experiment into cross-cutural humor.  Trying to find what amusing anecdotes cross borders.  Found a few, but its funny… you never can tell whats going to miss.  I tell a story about how thrilled I was to do Source Code, as it was a chance to work with more that one actor.  It slayed in Madrid, but gets polite smiles here.  You know, its moments like this that you really have to doff your cap to Mr. Bean. 

Big Berlin red carpet shindig to end the day, and then dinner.  Did we eat sausage?  You bet your sweet patootie we ate sausage!  I went for a schnitzel too!  

It’s the end of Thursday now.  Im starting to pay more attention to the box office numbers coming out from the US and UK; I get email updates daily from Summit and Optimum… I also get a bevy of producers comments about what the numbers mean.  The consensus is that we are doing well, especially with this bloody rabbit movie defying all logical predictions.  We’ll have to see how things hold up next week.  For now though, Source Code is making its money back… not Inception good yet, but a damn solid start.  Another late night, but never mind.  We only have to get up at 5am. 

8th - London
Wake up at 5:00 am to catch early flight to London.  Straight into press… a LOT of press.  I am seriously running on fumes by the end of it.  I cant even remember how many people I have talked to, but my angel comes and helps me up to the room at the end of it, and I grab a quick shut eye before we have to head out to the Odeon in Leicester Square for our evening Q&A.

Frankly, Im delighted that anyone turned up to the Odeon screening!  This London trip was put together so late minute, I thought there was a good chance no one would turn up!  Not to mention the weather is bloody GORGEOUS here!  Truly!  I mean its Al Gore, global weirding, beautiful!  I just assumed that everyone would be too drunk on Pimms, and passed out in the park after picnicking all day, but no.  You are very, very sweet for turning up.  Q&A was a good ‘un, and the lovely Ro and I decided we would wander back to our hotel by foot.

Tell you something… after 9 months in Montreal, and nearly a year in Los Angeles, I had forgotten just how absolutely INSANE Soho is on a Friday night.  My blue nan!!   Gomorrah ain’t got nothing on this town!  I saw… I saw… well, lets just say there isn’t much left to the imagination when you’re making your way through the crowds packing Old Compton Street late on a Friday night.  God bless you, London.  They say a man who is bored in London is bored of life.  If that’s true, then a man who doesn’t blush on Old Compton street, is probably quite a worldly gay man.

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