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Spain came and went. It was TV and PRINT all day, ending with a cinema intro with Duncan and Jake. Everything went smoothly, by the book, all was normal, except for one thing…ALL WAS IN SPANISH! Such a shame I paid NO attention to my Spanish teachers in school, coulda been useful. 

Wasn’t able to try the churros and hot chocolate, so I think I’ll make it up to myself when I get home to some Costco Churros and Yogurt. So delicious. 

When we were driving to the airport, we saw crowds of senior citizens gathered around different theaters…told it was Senior Citizen Tuesday! Which meant: CHEAP DISCOUNTED theater tickets! How LUCKY are they??!! That’s at least ONE thing to look forward to as the years pass! Awesome.

Day ended at about 7pm in Madrid, and off to Rome we went. And having only been here for about 4 hours now, I already love it. Chowed down on a box of pizza each, we’re good for the night. Tomorrow we do it all over again, surprised? 

—————- From Duncan’s P.O.V. : 

Madrid!  What I would do to be able to actually spend some TIME in these remarkable cities we are visiting!  But no… its work, work, work and then off to the next place.  Fortunately I get a taste of these cities by being able to talk to the lovely film buffs who come in for the daily junkets that are the reason I am on this trip.  I have to say, I really do love Spanish people.  Kind-hearted, generous and funny people.  All of them!  Not a one to complain about… oh, ok.  Maybe Franco.  Fortunately he doesn’t review films.

The big difference with today’s junket was that the interviews were done in… wait for it… Spanish!  That may seem pretty unsurprising, and it may well be, but let me tell you, trying to answer a question at a slow enough pace for a translator to do their thing on the fly, is very unsettling.  You try it!  Trust me, you wont be so cocky next time I have a whinge.  Fortunately my producer was a lovely woman who was incredibly good at her job, but it isn’t half difficult to concentrate, when you are trying to talk about something, and someone else is jabbering away in a different language right next to you.

The rest of the day followed what has pretty much become the routine now; 4 minutes TV interviews for a couple of hours, then some one on ones, followed by a series of roundtables.  Don’t tell Rodene, but I actually quite like doing it!  Good questions, and then we were down to the local cineplex for a preview screening of the film where Jake and I gave a wee intro.  

Imagine this bit cut by Guy Ritchie’s editor…

Exit cinema/shut car door/pull up at airport/take off/ land in… 


2000 years past its prime, and the city still oozes machismo.  If cities had knobs, Rome would be bruising its knee.  Haven’t had a chance to see it in daylight hours, but from the twinkling jewel seen through the window of our plane, to being driven entirely too fast down the winding walled streets, Rome is spectacular.  We turned up at a beautiful hotel in the centre of town, with a stack of pizzas waiting for us, gorged till tumulous, and poured myself a very manly bath.  In Rome, even pampering has a hairy chest.

Tomorrow we begin the Italian Job.  I shall be channeling my best Michael Caine.

Oh yeah.. finally bit.  Been downloading and playing new games for my lovely IPad2.  They are superb… but there is no denying it; my god, the Amiga was some games machine!  I miss that dreamy piece of silicon and plastic!  Love you Commodore.  You’re missed.


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