Come see what Duncan and Rodene see during the crazy press tour - through photos, video, and even live chat! Stay tuned...

Rodene here, in disbelief that it’s already November, the year has swept past quite quickly versus the last. Looking back at past entries, Duncan and I have been in over 15 different cities, in such a small span of time….can’t believe we survived. The Source Code Press journey has been a fun, but tiring one. We pretty much ended it in Tokyo, Japan. Sadly, the trip was less than a week, and was filled with back to back press, then again, THAT part is normal. 

Tokyo, Japan was such a long and anticipated trip…literally a long trip - we flew about 12 hours!? And we were completely jet lagged but SO completely happy about being there, we weren’t sure if and when they would release Source Code, and to our excited surprise, they did, on Oct. 28, as “Mission Eight Minutes.”  Before the trip, we were teaching ourselves the basics of Japanese, you know, basic phrases, “Hajimemashite, Yoroshiku onegai shimasu, Ākēdo wa dokodesu ka?” Useful phrases, “hello, thank you and where is the arcade?” All jokes aside, we really did get a couple useful phrases in and were told we were spot on with our pronunciation. :)

I had pages of places we were going to visit that included the Fish Auction, Akihabara, the Shinto Shrine and even the Ramen Museum, but unfortunately, they remain as must sees in the future. We did visit the MAGICAL Ghibli Museum together…talk about incredibly inspiring…for artists AND children at heart, that place was incredible. Without Duncan, I got a chance to visit the Meiji Shrine and the Ameyoko Arcade in Ueno (no, not one that had games.) There was a lot to see, we’ll definitely be back.

Duncan did press for a variety of outlets such as: the Star Channel, Cinema Bar, TBS, FLIX, Yahoo! Japan, CUT with Matsu, NBC, and of course not to forget, his double interview with director: Mamoru Oshii (they were interviewed at the same time with one interviewer and each had their own translator, it was a long but interesting interview!) By this time, we had the whole press routine down - they were all laughing because I had all the necessities already available for D. Up early, makeup, review schedule, press interviews (sometimes taped, sometimes written), mini bathroom break, photo shoots, round table interviews, and sometimes a business dinner. And in between we’re trying out our newly learned Japanese phrases. Everyone was sweet, polite, and very welcoming, we definitely departed too soon.

The last day we had there, actually, the last morning, we spent it visiting Disneyland Tokyo and Disney Sea. Tried to upload a video via Youtube, but it kept NOT uploading. I’ll have another go at it soon. Their Disneyland is more spacious, and their rides are slightly different. For example, the Winnie The Pooh ride is Ace for adults and children, but for some reason, there was silence in Space Mountain - no music or sound effects. Disney Sea was pretty special, the architecture alone is worth the 12 hour plus plane ride through turbulence I might add. The only downer was the humidity. It was SO humid that everyone at the park were wearing towels as a part of their cute Disney get ups. They even sold Disney towels designed especially for your head. 

All in all, Japan was super SUGOI! Super, super cool. It opened on the 28th I believe, so I hope everyone out there continues to show love and support for Duncan and Source Code.

Soon as I find out when the DVD release is, I’ll be sure to post it. Til then, MISSION 8 MINUTES IS SHOWING NOW in THEATERS!!! We love you Japan, thank you for such a lovely visit.

xo-Rodene & Duncan

Photos attached above are courtesy of Rodene Ronquillo:

Top photo of city view: lens: Lensbaby Fish Eye.

 Mission 8 Minutes


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